PHP is most often used programming language which helps in creating dynamic user friendly websites. The main idea behind Core PHP is to make a dynamic user friendly website which can be managed from both front end (user-end) and back end (admin-end). It’s easier to create regular HTML pages as well as multi-layered web application system using the combination of PHP and MySQL. Joomla Development is one of the example for Core PHP Development services.

We provide, timely, efficient and affordable PHP programming services.PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the widely used software development platform. This is a concrete tool for server side scripting and in the development of a wide range of software applications.

We have been one of the early adopters of some of the open source processes which have become standards today. We have a sizeable team of PHP developers, who are well-versed in MySQL,PHP and AJAX.

Experience gained through a variety of projects enables us to expand our offshore development solutions to the Ecommerce, Real Estate, Store Management, Healthcare, Mobile, Consumer Electronics, Photography, Cosmetic, Banking, Utilities and various other industries. i.e. billing systems for recurring billing, PayPal subscriptions, etc.

Experience with building web-based applications, with PHP/MySQL development and comfort using other open source libraries to reduce the time spent in development. Skills in user interface design - making backend systems user-friendly.

All of our PHP developers work on Linux using the robust Open Source IDE, Eclipse and test the application on all the browsers from Mozilla to IE.

Below are some advantages of core PHP.

  • Open Source used to create dynamic websites.
  • Time and Money saver.
  • Easily Integrated with Leading CSM like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc.
  • Supports various databases like MySQL, Oracle, Generic ODBC, Solid, PostgreSQL and Sybase.
  • Supports different platforms such as Windows, Linux and UNIX.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Easily customized based on client’s requirements.

Joomla Kitchen core PHP Development Services include:

  • Custom Portal/Website.
  • Rich Interactive Application Development.
  • Content Management System Development and Integration.
  • E-commerce website.