Joomla Kitchen (Owned and Operated by PARTH SHAH) offer high-quality website development that will make your business stand out online on the edge of competition. We have the capability to handle any complex project of any kind.

It is very easy to design a website, but the real effort lies in developing one which generates user interest and captures their attention.Development can assure you competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced marketplace.It demands an impeccable sense of technology to make a website that result in more business. Our expert team of web developers are capable of offering groundbreaking web solutions to set off your most complicated business concepts.



We are focused on making use of the below mentioned technologies :

    • PHP Development

      We provide, timely, efficient and affordable PHP programming services.PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the widely used software development platform. This is a concrete tool for server side scripting and in the development of a wide range of software applications.

      We have been one of the early adopters of some of the open source processes which have become standards today. We have a sizeable team of PHP developers, who are well-versed in MySQL,PHP and AJAX.

      Experience gained through a variety of projects enables us to expand our offshore development solutions to the Ecommerce, Real Estate, Store Management, Healthcare, Mobile, Consumer Electronics, Photography, Cosmetic, Banking, Utilities and various other industries. i.e. billing systems for recurring billing, PayPal subscriptions, etc.

      Experience with building web-based applications, with PHP/MySQL development and comfort using other open source libraries to reduce the time spent in development. Skills in user interface design - making backend systems user-friendly.

      All of our PHP developers work on Linux using the robust Open Source IDE, Eclipse and test the application on all the browsers from Mozilla to IE.

    • Joomla Development

      The Joomla platform is one of the most popular tools for publishing web content. It has been developed by making use of PHP and OOP tools. It acts like a one stop window for RSS feeds, news, blogs and other web publications.

      We have resources working on Joomla technology ranging from Joomla template development to custom Joomla component development. We are providing the best development of web site and web design. There are also many plug ins available for extending the functionality of a web such as including document management, directories, forms, newsletter management and any others.

      At Joomla Kitchen our professionals expertise in utilizing different Joomla features in order to improve the visibility and appearance of your website. Joomla supports the coding to make your website well-matched and well functioning for different browsers and thus supports internationalization.

    • Wordpress Development

      WordPress is a free and open source and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. We are providing wordpress development services and create a wordpress websites.we are create best wordpress websites and wordpress development. We create a new themes in wordpress and websites integrate in wordpress.

    • Laravel Development

                Laravel is a clean and classy framework of PHP that follows MVC (Model View Control) model. Laravel has proven itself superior over other platforms with its major benefits.Laravel is Faster, Secure, User Friendy with Regimented, Reusable and clean code. Joomla Kitchen has expert Laravel Developers to give you Web Development solutions. Our Laravel developers are highly experienced and provide quality service at an reasonable cost. We ensure client satisfaction through our timely work and efficient Laravel web development.

    • Magento Development

      As one of our strategic goals to deliver a successful on line business solutions which should be capable of handling online businesses and ensure an adequate Internet marketing campaign as well as successfully designing, launching and maintaining the e-commerce websites. Furthermore it is necessary to enable our clients with excellent tuning capabilities and multiple ranges of stunning customizations of their e-commerce websites.

    • Zend Development

      We are working on zend framework open source framework. We create a new websites in zend framework. and Zend Framework 2 is an open source framework for developing web applications and services. Zend Framework utilises most of the new features of PHP 5.3, namely namespaces, late static binding, lambda functions and closures.

    • Html & Css

      HTML - HTML has been a broadly used document format since the advent of internet. It is one of the markup languages used for creating web pages. Most of the documents in World Wide Web are prepared using HTML that delivers the right information in a format-based foundation. we have a highly experienced team of HTML conversion Specialist that can provide you with accurate HTML conversion services. By converting documents and contents into HTML files, one can easily distribute the content.
      Css - A Style is, basically, just another way to manipulate elements on a page, in order to bring a spark of life into your web design.

    • Android Application Development

      Android is the first complete open source free mobile platform introduced. Android allows programmers to write managed code in Java based language and utilize Java libraries. Android has the power to completely change the look, feel and functions of a mobile device.

      The elegance of Android is third party applications which can be created with Java & Android framework. Understanding the endless opportunities and possibilities of Android Custom application development, we ventured into providing expert Android application development services.

    • iOS Application Development

      The iOS application development scenario today is extremely enthusiastic and has an extremely bright future due to the success of the iPhone. Due to the unparalleled as well as innovative user experience, Apple has emerged as a leader in the devices market. Apple devices sport a mature as well as secure operating system and deliver a user experience that goes beyond imagination. At Joomla Kitchen, we understand the importance of the iPhone and the immense potential that the iPhone holds in the mobile apps market.

      We are well experienced in developing industry standard mobile apps for iOS using Objective C as well as APIs. We provide a full spectrum of iPhone as well as iPad application development services. We are capable of leveraging the best utilities that Apple offers in the market and completely explore the unlimited UI potential of the iOS platform along with the iPhone and iPad as well. With our iPhone application development services, we give businesses the potential as well as the edge to enhanced customer service and even greater access to their respective markets.